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Grown With Love

Good food, fresh and healthy, and sustain-ably produced by organic farmers who love what they do. We specialize in vegan and paleo foods at affordable prices. Add the flexibility of purchasing online, and  delivery when requested, shows that we aim to become your favorite store for good food.

Good, clean supplements with natural and organic ingredients. Free from artificial colors and preservatives. Eco-friendly, and  sustainable produced cruelty-free organics in our skin care, and beauty products. Additionally, our products are USDA organic certified via a an independent third party certification lab. Add our commitment to purity, consistency and quality testifies you'll be satisfied.
Trusted Sources

We consider our customers as neighbors, and since we believe in the "Golden Rule", we treat our neighbors as ourselves, Therefore, we ensure our partners and suppliers adhere to strict GMP guidelines, so what you see on the label is what you get. We also subscribe to products that avoid animal testing.

our recipe for success

  • Fresh and clean ingredients, always!
  • High quality health and beauty products, and nutritious food and supplements for body and mind.
  • We encourage two-way conversations, and is transparent in what has worked or not worked for us. Hopefully this will inspire healthier choices, and a lifestyle with renewed purpose and energy.

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Paleo foods that will nourish and warm your soul. Homemade goodness  certified paleo, and without all the sugar and worry.

Paleo Ketchup by Liberated Foods. Beyond Paleo: Organic honey, organic apple cider vinegar, onion, bay leaves, just $5.25 for 13 oz ea. Regular Price $8.49.

whole health beauty store

meet our happy customers

Daniel J


Good food and supplements, great service, and delivery to my door. I gladly recommends Whole Health and Beauty store. 

Susan E. Watkins

Pharmacy Technician

A phone call brings great, healthy organic products I need to my door in under 48 hours, and at supermarket prices, plus free samples of new products.

robert williams

Fitness Trainer

Fits my busy lifestyle. I can shop on my time from anywhere. Great surprise and unique finds that is not available locally. They also have refunded my money plus give a free order of my product when they made a mistake with my order. How good is that!.


the benefits of “your product”

Contains many antioxidants

Natural and sustainable ingredients without pesticides

Contains highly nutritious compunds

Very high in fiber

whole health beauty store

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 We are a team of dreamers: we envision a world where there is a strong sense of community among people who share the same values.

We want to create an alternative way of living, where healthy food is also tasty, where you can try out new things every day and be truly amazed.

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